UCSF IT Development & Mentorship Program


Fostering a culture of collaboration, tying the work we do to UCSF’s mission, supporting our high performers, and nurturing future leaders.

The UCSF IT Development & Mentorship Program (DMP) is a year-long program combining classroom learning with a one-to-one mentoring relationship. The DMP selects a cohort of 12 UCSF IT staff and matches them with IT leaders. Mentors help their mentees learn about UCSF IT and our connection to the university's mission, help them identify development and career options, and provide support and encouragement. The mentees also meet once a month with a moderator and a presenter to learn about different areas of IT at UCSF, and to learn valuable professional skills.


To be eligible for the program, potential mentees must be a UCSF IT staff member (in a group that reports up to the UCSF CIO) with at least 1 year of service, have at least a 50% career appointment, and be in career tracks grade 17-25.